pecs Process Engineering and Consulting Services

Some of our PROJECTS

Gas and Heat SpA (LI) Basic engineering package for 8 LPG carriers (-48 °C)
Gas and Heat SpA (LI) Basic engineering package for 4 Ethylene carriers (-104 °C)
Altair Chimica SpA
(Saline di Volterra -PI)
Basic engineering for a KCl membrane electrolysis plant
Altair Chimica SpA
(Saline di Volterra -PI)
Re - engineering of Calcium Hypochlorite plant, including mother liquor recycling
Nencini Laterizi (Cecina) Feasibility study for a co generation plant
Set Process (MI) Basic engineering for solvent recovery units using activated carbon adsorption
Nuova Solmine (Scarlino – GR) Basic engineering for liquid sulfur handling unit
Set Process (MI) Preliminary basic engineering of NaCl electrolysis and HCl Production (for Aurat –Russia)
General Electric Process engineering for selective crystallization of NaCl, NaHCO3 and Na2CO3 from produced water (NG extraction)
Set Process SpA (MI) Process engineering for a crystallization plant (FeSO4 7H2O)
La Toscana Impianti Full engineering package for NG gas treatment skids and IFH (gas turbine feed)
Demus SpA (Trieste) Full engineering package for a liquid effluent treatment plant (Methylene Chloride remival)
Demus SpA (Trieste) Process engineering for a caffeine recovery and purification unit
Solvay SA (Bruxelles) Plant optimization software and Design of critical equipment of oxidation (H2O2 process)
Solvay Chimica SpA
(Rosignano – LI)
Supply of lamella waste water clarifier (PECS proprietary design)
Puccioni Chimica SPA Process engineering for purified MAP plant
General Electric Technical assistance / trouble shooting for industrial water re-use plant