pecs Process Engineering and Consulting Services
Values and Ethics

Confidentiality PECS recognises the importance of technology advantages for its customers, and therefore is committed to keep absolutely confidential any information received and solution or developed.

Innovation PECS believes that innovative solutions are key factors for ensuring the success of customers and a better world for the humanity. PECS is committed to provide solutions with high level of innovation.

Quality PECS is convinced that a key factor for an effective work and reliable relationships with customers is the quality of the work (do it once, do it well; trace it; follow procedures , improve procedures). Therefore, PECS follows strictly the codes of behaviour dictated by ISO 9000.

Communication between generations PECS recognises the importance of transferring experiences trough different people and particularly different generations of people. Therefore, PECS is committed to develop a multicultural and multi-generation environment with easy communications and team work.

Ethics PECS recognises that the only acceptable way to ensure a sustainable growth of itself and customers is to provide technology solutions with high added value and high compatibility with society needs ( safety, environment, health).