pecs Process Engineering and Consulting Services
Skills and Competencies

PECS has and develops Process competencies, including but not limited to:

• Chemical reactor design
• Heat exchange
• Mass transfer (distillation, adsorption, stripping, ..)
• Crystallisation
• Drying
• Solid handling and storage

Mastered Tools: most of professional software packages for process simulation, advanced calculation, process engineering design.


•  Industrial processes
    - NaCl and KCl electolysis
    - Crystallization units (NH4)2SO4, FeSO4.7H2O, MAP,...)
    - Brine purification
•  Industrial operations
    - Intensified phase separation
    - Foam abatement
    - Lamellar separator
    - Ammonia stripping
    - Solvent recovery
    - Gas reliquefaction